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How to Increase Sales

The Key to Digital Marketing Success

How do you increase sales without spending more on advertising and getting more people to your Website?

Take a look at the image to left. It’s from an illustration by Charles Allan Gilbert called “All is Vanity”. The obvious image is a lady in front of her vanity mirror. There are various bottles on the vanity and the room seems to be lit only be the soft glow of the two candles on the table.  Most people would view this image and not give it another thought. But look again. Do you see something else? Do you really see a drawing of a skull? So, if you look one way you see the lady and the mirror. But a closer look you’ll see the skull.

That’s a bit similar to Website traffic and Website conversion. Most only see the traffic to their site. Oh sure, they want the traffic to do something. They want their site visitors to buy something, call, click on a link or in some way share their identity with you and interact.  After all, you have a Website for a reason and the reason is not just to see how many “hits” or traffic you get to your site. 

But, like the illustration, you have to look deeper into your Website.

You need to look at it another way. 

So, how does looking at your Website a different way have to do with increasing sales? How do you get more sales without spending more on advertising?  The simple answer is to get more of your existing traffic to take action. It’s called Website conversion. 

But, if it is so simple, why don't more marketers, business owners and brand managers focus more on conversion rate optimization? It might be that it is so obvious that it’s unnoticed. People tend to miss what’s right in front of them, just like in the illustration.  Research seems to confirm that it is indeed overlooked. Recent research indicates that for every $92 a company spends acquiring new visitors only $1 is spent converting them.( Source: Eisenberg Holdings)

So, by now you may be thinking, “yeah, I’m not going to spend more on advertising to get people to my site, but I’m still going to spend more money on Website conversion”

That’s a great point and the answer is: maybe yes, or maybe no. Some answer you say? But it’s the truth. In many cases you just may need to move some of your marketing dollars into conversion. Other times conversion can be so poor that you may want to suspend your traffic advertising until your site improves its conversion rate. Why spend more money to get traffic to your site when less than 1% of the traffic takes action?

You are most likely asking yourself how much do you spend on Website Conversion Optimization? If you’re working with an agency are they talking to you about conversion? Do you or they do testing? Are you satisfied with the results?

If you do little or no testing or conversion optimization you need to contact us. Most likely, you are wasting money getting traffic to your site while not improving its performance. 

Just about now you may be wondering what the big deal is all about. Yes, you know getting more of your existing traffic to take action would mean a lower cost per lead and ultimately higher profits, but what is the difference between getting more traffic and spending money on Website conversion.

Well we’re glad you asked. You did ask, right?

Look at the graph below. This is taken from a comparison we did for a distributor. The blue indicates the profits based on increasing traffic only. The red indicates profits by keep traffic the same but increasing conversion by from .46% to 1%, then to 2%, then to 3%. You can see that just a small increase in conversion means a huge leap in profits. 

But you’re smart. You know that numbers are not the same for every situation and you’re right. What about your site? We found that a large majority of the Websites we reviewed have very similar graphs.

Why not get a no obligation digital marketing analysis to see if it makes sense for you to look at Website conversion.  

Then what’s the next step? Well we can work with your current team or we can teach your team or we can do the work to increase your Website conversion.  If nothing else, at least you have on paper your current Website performance from an outside source.

Want to get started increasing leads? Get a Website Conversion Analysis or if you’re looking to get start immediately call us for a free one hour consultation. Call us today at 314-569-9880

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